Native of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean), Robin crossed the planet to settle in Quebec (Canada) in order to study composition and film scoring at the University of Sherbrooke. After participating in several film projects, he turned to what he always wanted to do: sound for video games! He then entered the Campus ADN (Montreal) and developed his technical skills.

He is passionate about sounds, space, photography, cinema and art in general.

Being very emotional and introverted, music has become for him a way to regulate his overflowing emotion. Working on singular projects, Robin gradually built his artistic paw through electronic music, orchestral music, soundesign and experimental music. His multicultural roots bring him a unique vision of music and of the world, allowing him to evolve on the musical level as well on the personal level. He has a strong intuitive sense that he continues to develop.

Growing more and more his palette of emotions and knowing more and more through the experience of coming to study alone in audio for video game in a foreign country; he now hopes to work on video games projects, and create real links with the passionate he meets.

RPG / Action / Coop Games:

The Sly Trilogy

It Takes Two

Elden Ring

Red Dead Redemption 2


Racing games:

TrackMania United Forever

MX vs ATV Reflex, Unleashed



RTS / CityBuilder and Management games:


Anno 1800


Rise Of Nations

SimCity 4

Favorite Games