Demo Reel

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Sound Design

Sound redesign of the Unreal 5 demo

  • All the magic elements and whooshes are made from scratch.

  • The rocks impacts and footsteps were recorded and processed by myself.

  • Ambiences, foleys and metal impacts are from soundbanks.

Sound redesign of 'In a Nutshell'

  • Original music.

  • Made from soundbanks and personnal recordings.

  • Many different sounds to test my sound design and mixing skills!


Dynamic Audio - Vehicle advanced

The Last UI - Moody Cowboy

Proof of concept of dynamic audio attached to a moving bone, in Unreal

  • Advanced audio system for vehicle with dynamic audio on moving bones (suspensions)

  • Original suspensions sounds recorded by myself

  • Featuring tire rolling, skids, and surface change

  • Integration in Wwise and Unreal

Dark Fantasy Dynamic Mix

  • Sound design, composition, recording, mixing

  • Integration in wwise and unity, RTPCs, dynamic 3D amb, wwise busses

  • Custom SFX and Music loop for Volume faders

  • Concept art by Samuel Smith:

  • Multiple environments and musics, all managed by states

  • Multiple RTPCs to reply a dynamic game audio experience.

  • UI made from scratch to match the Elden Ring style

  • Original music (Cathedral), others are from Elden Ring OST.

  • Most of the sound from soundbank, some heavily processed (Creatures).

Recreation of a slice of a video games.

UI menu designed for a narrative cowboy game.